Commercial Design

We design accordingly from the type of business, how the client wants their customers to feel on entering and is shaped by the brand’s image or corporate requirements, as well as the functional constraints of the space and building codes. There is still a personalized aim in commercial design as in a residential setting, but there is a different palette of design choices, textures, and space needs that are required.

We will discuss with the client their design ideas, perhaps with digital or painted renderings of the final space, and provides samples of materials such as fabrics for upholstery and window treatments, wall and floor finishes, and color samples for planters. It is in many of these details that the commissioning business’s style and audience are focused on aesthetically.

Like residential design, commercial interior designing needs more extensive knowledge in periods and styles of design, as well as contemporary trends in the field, and can advise a client on how best to use the design elements to create their final goal. The thorough knowledge of design styles and trends helps to guide this conversation. Modern and contemporary designs are popular for tech companies, edgy boutiques, or restaurants, where clients will want the cutting edge in design, while regional architecture or thematic restaurants might dictate a specific style or historical period. This knowledge needed covers not just furniture, but also wall, floor, and ceiling treatments, lighting, and containers.

From drafting building plans to preparing the final décor elements, it is crucial to understand and expand upon the clients’ ideas, as well as to abide by the style and branding of a corporate image. The full comprehension of the needs of the space both aesthetically and functionally will be key in a successful final product. Creating visually interesting spaces isn’t always about the noticeable details, but rather the subtle elements that have an impact on the customer, client, or patient experience, and improves the space for those who spend time in it.